About Us

Profile & Objectives

arei (formerly ADEC), was established in 1991 as a non-profit association, representing the interests of electronics industry in South Africa. Similar organizations exist in Europe.

arei‘s prime objective is to contribute to the creation of an environment which encourages a dynamic growth of the electronic manufacturing industry, at both component and system level, in South Africa.

Today, arei’s membership represent Suppliers, Distributors, Electronic Manufacturing Services and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Worldwide, the electronics industry is an enabling industry for the growth of a country’s overall economy, and it is no co-incidence that the most developed countries in the world have a thriving electronics industry. Hence arei sees one of its key aims as communicating this message to government and policy-making bodies throughout South Africa, as there is a need for a more focused and coherent policy for the electronics manufacturing industry. To achieve this, arei has, in the past, sponsored studies of various sectors of the electronics industry and these findings have been published in technical magazines during the past years.

arei promotes and encourages ethical business practices, well-trained and professional sales teams, technical support and the availability of inventory to meet planned customer requirements. Whilst representing the many common interests of its members, arei encourages healthy competition between its members, to the benefit of all our customers and the industry as a whole.

arei are now accurately and confidentially tracking electronic component Rand sales statistics.

The arei committee is elected annually at the AGM, and it is this committee that elects the Chairman for the following year.