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Working together to uplift the South African Electronics Industry.

15 February 2022

Dear AREI Members, 


At last, we are seeing some ‘normality’ return to our personal lives, our social structures, and our business lives. We have had to make big changes to our lives and the way we do business. Change is a positive as well as a painful process. We need to learn to live with and utilize change as a steppingstone to new opportunities.

Yes, the local electronics industry, like most other industries, has taken a knock over the past two years. But it is not the first time our industry has had to ‘shake itself off’ and take its place as an important and integral part of the South African economy. Our economy is weak, and we know we cannot rely on government to revive this economy.  So, more than before, private business needs to take the leading role and ensure we have a sustainable industry and economy we can pass onto the next generation.

Over the past 2 years, arei has also had to make changes to ensure we can continue as an association. Our main income streams, viz. our ever-popular business breakfasts, exhibitions and shows had to be halted. We recognized too that our members were facing difficult times and decided to reduce the membership fees in 2020 and 2021. We want to thank you, our members for your continued financial support.

One important role that arei has continued to fulfil is the Trade Stats. This gives us an indication of the health of our industry. For those not familiar with the trade stats, we collect and collate electronic component (semiconductors, and IPE) import and sales figures from contributing members, and so are able to monitor trends in the local electronics industry. Contributing members, typically component distributors, are then also able to gauge their own market share.

arei’s mission statement is “Working together to uplift the South African electronics industry” Paradoxically, COVID-19 has brought people and industries closer together. We all recognize that it is now time to work together toward one common goal – building a strong economy.

We need to hold our AGM before end of February 2022. Proposed date is Tuesday 22 February at 14h00. This will be a virtual meeting; a TEAMS invite will be sent out. We trust you will attend and participate in the meeting. One of the important items on the agenda will be the election of a new committee for the year ahead. If you have a nomination, please feel free to forward the names to Jenny Gooding.

An agenda for the AGM will be sent out in due course.

Thank you for continuing to support arei and we look forward to working together with you in time to come.

Kind regards 

Erich Nast